Dr. Frederick James Shaddock, D.D.S.


Dr. Frederick Shaddock was a dentist near Rochester New York.

1 Westland Avenue, Rochester, NY  14618

Born 1880 - 1936 (age 56)

James Shaddock
Born about  in Burrington, Devon, Englandmap
Son of  and [mother unknown]


James Shaddock
Born about  in Devonmap
 Son of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]
wife was  Maria (Harrop) Shaddock (1836 - 1910)


His wife, Agnes Montgomery Shaddock    1885 - 1965 (80) married 25 Aug 1915 (30)
His daughter, Helen
His son, Frederick II
His son, Warren  1923
    grandson, Frederick III

1 Westland Avenue, Brighton, NY  14618 (aerial)