Warren Shaddock, DDS

1923 - 2017  Legacy obituary

Graduate of Hobart '46
with award for service from the Alumni Association

Doctor of Dental Surgery '51
University of Buffalo

Warren Shaddock volunteered
for the Navy during World War II
as a Seaman, and worked his way
up to become an officer

DadNavyOfficer.jpg (8492 bytes)
Lieutenant Warren Shaddock
Communications Officer
Stations: Pearl Harbor, U.S.S. Calvert

Electronic Coding Machine (ECM) Top Secret Clearance

U.S.S. Calvert delivers U.S. Marines as they near Japan

Letter and Awards from Chief of Naval Operations
for service and valor during World War II

Young Warren

Omicron Kappa Epsilon
Honorary Dental Society

Warren was a member of the Boy Scouts in Rochester, NY

Email: W S h a d d o c k @ A O L . c o m

B.S. in Chemistry, from Hobart College
Doctor of Dental Surgery from University of Buffalo

Dr. Warren Shaddock retirement party - EDPAC Treasurer

Warren was born in Rochester, NY
Son of Frederick, a dentist
Warren is a dentist.
His wife, Marlene wedding May 1, 1998
His first wife, Gloris (deceased)
His oldest son, Bob, is an attorney and Pittsford Judge
His middle son, Frederick (Rick), runs a computer company.
His youngest son Dave, is an engineer
His sister, Helen, is a church volunteer.

Shaddock Geneology

Boy Scouts
Brighton High School
Ensign, Lt. JG, U.S. Navy
Bachelors degree in Chemistry from Hobart College
Doctor of Dental Surgery from University of Buffalo

American College of Dentists
International College of Dentists
Treasurer, Empire Dental Political Action Committee (EDPAC)
Active in Fairport Rotary

Job History:
Summer job, Eastman Kodak
Dentist, DDS
Likes: Travel, computers
Sports: Golf, fishing, camping
Hobbies: photography, stamps
Favorite music: all types