Hon. Judge Bob Shaddock

Remembering the Rock - Pittsford, NY

October 27, 1952 - July 26, 2022

Tribute: https://vimeo.com/767142462

Funeral: https://vimeo.com/767128999



Teaching son John to climb a wall


Fairport High School Hockey Team 1970

Fairport High School Soccer Team 1970

Robert Montgomery Shaddock was born on October 27, 1952 to Dentist Dr. Warren and Gloris Shaddock.   His younger brothers were Frederick (Rick) and David.  Bob was short and thin until high school. In our neighborhood of top athletic captains, he was sometimes pushed around.  He took boxing lessons from Ossie Sussman who brought his dedicated student to demonstrate on TV.  After seeing this, the boys named him Rocky in jest.  Bob worked out, ate nutritiously, and grew to 6 feet 3.  Then he was called Rock for real. He was on the Fairport Soccer and Hockey Teams.

Bob was an A student at FHS, and went to Hobart College, then U of Buffalo for Law School. He became a partner of the Hiscock Barclay & Damon law firm. He became a Judge in nearby Pittsford in 2015 and ruled on many cases. He was a frequent golfer at Monroe Golf Club and lived nearby at 34 Golf Avenue. Sadly he died from cancer in a hospital on July 26, 2022. He and his wife Mary have 2 grown boys, John (banker in Chicago) and Charles (attorney in NYC).

Nominee for Fairport High School Wall of Fame